Terms of sales

The general conditions of sale applied to the nautical bases Saint Hilaire Nautisme
(following deliberation of the Saint Hilaire Nautisme administration committee: Del2015_070 Nov 2015)

Reservation and registration of the public


Reservation upon registration: deposit of 50% of the amount (check payable to SHN).
The balance (in full) is to be paid on the 1st day of the service or course.
Late arrivals, early departures or unused services do not give rise to any refund.


Total reimbursement: if medical certificate, or 1 month before the date of the service. 50% refund (deposit check kept) if cancellation within 2 weeks preceding the service.


Depending on the weather and depending on exceptional circumstances, only the Base Manager is authorized to judge the advisability of modifying the course of the course. Saint Hilaire Nautisme reserves the right to cancel the sessions (for safety reasons) , weather) without giving the right to financial compensation.


Saint Hilaire Nautisme declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of personal effects inside or outside its nautical bases.


The civil liability of interns is covered by FFV and Saint Hilaire Nautisme insurance only during the opening hours of the internship and at the place of embarkation. An individual accident cover is linked to the license. You also have the option of taking out insurance with additional guarantees.